In Finland when you sell an apartment, it is usually part of a housing company (asunto-osakeyhtiö), so actually you are not only selling the apartment but your shares in the housing company that gives you a permission to occupy a certain apartment. Therefore, in preparation for provision to prospective buyers, you must acquire up-to-date information regarding the financial position of the housing company as well as housing manager’s up-to-date certificate.

Finnish law sets a broad disclosure obligation on the seller. It is crucial seller tells all the information that may affect the buyer’s decision to purchase the apartment. The information provided becomes extremely important if a dispute arises after completion of the transaction.

It is vital to provide accurate information about the type and condition of the apartment, age and defects of the building, and what types of repairs and maintenance have been done. Further, Finnish law sets a broad disclosure obligation on the seller regarding the plot of land and the area in which the property is located.

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