More and more people – especially young people – do not want to own a home and commit to long-term debt. For many of them, rental housing is the best and most flexible way to live. A landlord can rent his or her property either independently or with the help of a real estate agency. It is good to remember that the conditions in a lease of residence must always be in keeping with the law regulating renting as well as with good rental practices.

The mutual trust between the landlord and tenant is particularly important in residential lease agreements. The landlord surrenders his or her apartment to the use of another person and the tenant establishes a home in the rented apartment. Residential leasing activities should be profitable for the landlord in the long run. The rent should cover the costs incurred by the landlord and produce return on the invested capital. At the same time, the tenant should receive an apartment that corresponds to the rent paid as agreed and a secure lease that meets his or her needs.

Kiinteistötarina is happy to assist in creating a problem-free and functional residential lease and its continuous management and appropriate termination. We are a Tampere based real estate agency delivering a highly competitive and uncompromising approach to sales. No-nonsense code of conduct and commitment for every listing. We can rent you property on your behalf.  We’ll find tenants for your property with the expertise of a market leader. We’ll take care of renting your property easily and smoothly from start to finish.

We’re happy to meet with you in person. We’ll discuss your specific needs and preferences, then use our market knowledge to quickly narrow your search and provide you with a portfolio of options. You do not have to go through the trouble of looking for a tenant or worrying that everything is legally correct in the lease agreement. We also check tenant’s credit info to ensure smooth payments.

Kiinteistötarina’s agency fee is rent x 1,24 (1 month’s actual rent + 24 %). Our fee is tax-deductible in rent income taxation.